12.7mm wide                          20mm wide                       25mm wide                                                                   Office Memo

     Adh/Bkd Mag Tape          Adh/Bkd Mag Tape          Adh/Bkd Mag Tape                                                              MarkeOffice Marker Magnetsr Magnets

12.7mm magnetic tape





                                                                                                Welcome to Abyss Magnets


Abyss Magnets for flexible magnetic sheet and materials

High quality magnets at unbeatable prices despatched  within 24 hours including specialised manufacturing.

Ideal for those Short Lead Times & Dead Lines,

Our lines are open:

Day or Night, 24 hours aday, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year

Our speciality is flexible magnetic sheet used for vehicle & indoor signage, fridge magnets, exhibitions, tape, extrusions, & toys

Also neodymium or rare earth magnets, ferrite permanent magnets