Magnetic compound, flexible magnetic strip,flexible magnetic sheet

Bonded ceramic magnet can be supplied in both Isotropic and anisotropic form (i.e rubber magnet), and is ideal for applications where a low cost magnet needs to be combined with complex form precisely, plastic magnet is made by injection molded while rubber magnet can be extruded or rolled into long or thin shape.

Adhesive magnet is laminated flexible magnets adhered to various kinds of PVC,PP,Double- sided tape. The colours of vinyls are various . It is normally used for vehicle signs, posters, teaching, children’s toys, gifts and advertising ect. The magnetisations (pole width 2,4,7 mm or 12.7/ 6.4/3.6 poles per inch) or to be decided according to customers needs.

Our wide range of sheeting and strip (coated or uncoated) offers true flexibility because It comes in the strengths sizes and shapes you need, we have regular strengths or high energy products, with energy products from 0.6 to 1.7 MGO, thickness from 0.25 to 9mm thick and in lengths upto customers own specification.

The material can be bent, twisted, coiled & die cut into almost any shape without loss of magnetic energy, we also provide customer cutting, slitting, die-cutting, Kiss or score-cutting to customers own specifications are also available.