About Us

In todays business enviroment every company is searching for a competing edge. We at abyss magnets pride ourselves on our commitment to quality,sevice, and our flexiblty to adapt to every situation 24 hours a day.

We aim to provide our clients with the right magnetic solution and direction that puts us ahead of the rest, whilst maintaining quality and precision.

Abyss Magnets is based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire England. Everyone within our organisation believes in teamwork, with both our internal and external customers. Our company has worked hard to build a customer base and become recognised for quality and service within the Magnet Market and our aim is:-


We supply magnetic materials whether it be flexible magnetic rubber,  sheets, extrusions, tape, or holding magnets, office magnets, fridge magnets, neodymium & ferrite, to a very large range of company’s.Our workforce has over 60 years experience in the Magnetic Industry and Total Quality Management.

“Our mission”

“To be successful by effectively utilising the philosophies of Good  Communications, Quality Products and Customer Service”